I am honored to be part of the Aultcare 30! Thank you to MIX 94.1 and Aultcare for this amazing honor! I am so excited to be able to share with people what SIMPLY GIVE and THE LITTLE GIVERS CLUB are doing in the community.

My vision for Simply Give from the beginning has been inspire others to give generously in every area of their life. To God, to your family and friends and  to reach out to the needs of the community. Simply Give was founded on this quote, “You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give”.

That quote is so true.  My posts usually pertain to motherhood, nurturing your marriage {I post a #WeddedBlissWednesday post once e a week,} blessing those who are in our life on a regular basis, or preforming a random act of kindness to a complete stranger. Every day, we have to opportunity to give in literally every area of our life.

Simply GIVE has events through the year. Our very first event was in March of this year. We had a “Mardi-Bra” on Mardi Gras and collected 115 new bras, 211 new pairs on panties and 12 feminine products. All of these items were donated to the local YWCA and the Hope House for Women. At our next event held in April, Caring for the Courageous, a group of women assembled 50 chemotherapy care bag which were distributed to local cancer centers. Our next event will be held on Thursday, August 27th at La Pizzeria from 5:30-8:30 PM to make admission bags for families and babies at the Aultman NICU through the Peep Program (Parents Encouraging and Embracing Parents). More information is  on our Facebook page.

I am not only a wife but a mom of 4, which is why I started the Little Givers Club. The Little Givers Club was created to teach children to reach out to others in their community by doing random act of kindness. Our goal is to teach kids when we display simple acts of kindness, not only do we make an impact on the lives around us, it also makes an impact on our own lives. Our slogan is simple but true,

It’s Nice to Be Nice”.

We hold events a few times a year, which are opportunities for kids to meet and interact with other Little Givers and most importantly, have fun! We hand out “missions” to the kids that they can complete with their parents in-between events. This creates a firsthand encounter of the impact of random acts of kindness. You can search our hashtag #LittleGiversClub to see some opf the missions we have done. They are as simple as leaving a quarter in a candy machine for when the next child comes through a store, or leaving a treat in the mailbox for your mailman.

In November 2014, the Little Givers Club collected 2 carloads of food for a local food pantry. Over the holidays, we collected over 60 board games for families less fortunate. In February 2015 we collected over 65 bags of clothing that were delivered to the local YWCA. In addition, we collected 58 gift cards to McDonalds for the YWCA’s Incentive Program. In April, we were recognized at the Akron Rubber Ducks game and collected 194 boxes of character band aids and 144 teddy bears, all delivered to Akron Children’s Hospital. In July we collected 564 items to send overseas to our troops.

As a busy wife and mom of four, I am striving daily to inspire more and more people to make an impact on the world around us. I hope you will join in on this journey! I am going to be completely honest and let you know I’m not the best about updating this website {because I am, chasing four cute kids around} BUT I do keep our social media pages updated daily! Please follow us and share with your friends!

Facebook: Simply GIVE  and Little Givers Club

Instagram: @simply_give and @littlegiversclub

Simply GIVE and the Little Givers Club’s goal is to obtain a non-profit status within the next year! Thank you for your support! And thank you again to MIX 94.1 and Aultcare for this honor! {You too Danielle Vincent for nominating me!}

XOXO, Alivia

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