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Gimme a break.

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So, I have figured out that doing a vlog is WAY easier than me trying to type out a long post!

This post is dedicated to all moms! I have to say that my day was crazy and I literally tried to get my 2 year old to nap for 4 hours today on and off. After the 3rd car ride, she finally fell asleep! Praise Jesus!! Tomorrow I have a sitter to run errands and actually canceled lunch plans because I have so much to do for our event for the #LittleGiversClub which is a week from today! ( For info you can click on the “Little Givers” tab) But guess what? I am running a few errands then going to grab a Starbucks and get a pedi! I need some ME time! It is so important so we don’t get frustrated and overwhelmed! I saw this quote on a Facebook post today….”I want my kids to head out the door everyday full of peace, not the echoes of my frustrations!” I loved that! How many times have we been short with our kids because WE have so many things to do or because our day isn’t going as planned!? When we start to take our frustrations out on our kids…its time to GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK.