Project Lullaby //

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Project Lullaby 

We invite you to join us as we make care bags for women who have recently miscarried.

This event will be held on Tuesday, July 19th at First Christian Church from 6-8 PM.

project l

You can find tickets and event details by clicking : Project Lullaby

Thank you for helping us reach out to women going through this difficult time. I really appreciate your support!

xoxo- Alivia

Any questions or comments, you can email me at

Aultcare 30

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I am honored to be part of the Aultcare 30! Thank you to MIX 94.1 and Aultcare for this amazing honor! I am so excited to be able to share with people what SIMPLY GIVE and THE LITTLE GIVERS CLUB are doing in the community.

My vision for Simply Give from the beginning has been inspire others to give generously in every area of their life. To God, to your family and friends and  to reach out to the needs of the community. Simply Give was founded on this quote, “You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give”.

That quote is so true.  My posts usually pertain to motherhood, nurturing your marriage {I post a #WeddedBlissWednesday post once e a week,} blessing those who are in our life on a regular basis, or preforming a random act of kindness to a complete stranger. Every day, we have to opportunity to give in literally every area of our life.

Simply GIVE has events through the year. Our very first event was in March of this year. We had a “Mardi-Bra” on Mardi Gras and collected 115 new bras, 211 new pairs on panties and 12 feminine products. All of these items were donated to the local YWCA and the Hope House for Women. At our next event held in April, Caring for the Courageous, a group of women assembled 50 chemotherapy care bag which were distributed to local cancer centers. Our next event will be held on Thursday, August 27th at La Pizzeria from 5:30-8:30 PM to make admission bags for families and babies at the Aultman NICU through the Peep Program (Parents Encouraging and Embracing Parents). More information is  on our Facebook page.

I am not only a wife but a mom of 4, which is why I started the Little Givers Club. The Little Givers Club was created to teach children to reach out to others in their community by doing random act of kindness. Our goal is to teach kids when we display simple acts of kindness, not only do we make an impact on the lives around us, it also makes an impact on our own lives. Our slogan is simple but true,

It’s Nice to Be Nice”.

We hold events a few times a year, which are opportunities for kids to meet and interact with other Little Givers and most importantly, have fun! We hand out “missions” to the kids that they can complete with their parents in-between events. This creates a firsthand encounter of the impact of random acts of kindness. You can search our hashtag #LittleGiversClub to see some opf the missions we have done. They are as simple as leaving a quarter in a candy machine for when the next child comes through a store, or leaving a treat in the mailbox for your mailman.

In November 2014, the Little Givers Club collected 2 carloads of food for a local food pantry. Over the holidays, we collected over 60 board games for families less fortunate. In February 2015 we collected over 65 bags of clothing that were delivered to the local YWCA. In addition, we collected 58 gift cards to McDonalds for the YWCA’s Incentive Program. In April, we were recognized at the Akron Rubber Ducks game and collected 194 boxes of character band aids and 144 teddy bears, all delivered to Akron Children’s Hospital. In July we collected 564 items to send overseas to our troops.

As a busy wife and mom of four, I am striving daily to inspire more and more people to make an impact on the world around us. I hope you will join in on this journey! I am going to be completely honest and let you know I’m not the best about updating this website {because I am, chasing four cute kids around} BUT I do keep our social media pages updated daily! Please follow us and share with your friends!

Facebook: Simply GIVE  and Little Givers Club

Instagram: @simply_give and @littlegiversclub

Simply GIVE and the Little Givers Club’s goal is to obtain a non-profit status within the next year! Thank you for your support! And thank you again to MIX 94.1 and Aultcare for this honor! {You too Danielle Vincent for nominating me!}

XOXO, Alivia

Website Update

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Hey guys!

I am not able to keep up with blogging due to a busy schedule with the kids! I hope to get back to it in a few months!


Please find us on social media to keep up to date on events and what we are doing in the community!

We now have a separate social media accounts for Simply Give and  the Little Givers Club! Please be sure to follow us on both!


Simply GIVE

Little Givers Club




If you have any inquiries, you can e-mail me at:

Have a wonderful week!


Meet the Hershey’s

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Who am I? How did I start Simply Give? Why did I start Simply Give?

I wanted to tell you a little bit about us. We are the Hershberger’s but I always call us “The Hershey’s.”

My husband and I will be together 15 years {married 6 1/2 years} in January. It is seriously crazy how fast time flies. I feel like we just started dating in high school and here we are… all this time later, married with 4 kids.

I am a wife. I am a stay at home mom. I LOVE coffee. And donuts. And Jesus. I probably should’ve mentioned that first. HA! I really love being a wife and mom. Although this little army that we created sometimes drives me completely coo coo. Of course I wouldn’t trade it. I am one of eight siblings. Yes, you heard that right…EIGHT! I love my big family. I love to bargain shop. I love Target. I love going on dates with my husband. I also love when my kids sleep all night…..which rarely happens….which is why I am crazy. {wink}

I started Simply Give because I have a passion for people. I have always loved helping people. One day I was sitting at home, in my sweats, makeup-less, chugging some coffee while I was surrounded by my cute baby and toddler, thinking to myself…..”What can I do to help people while staying at home with my kids?” and that is when the idea of Simply Give came upon me. I thought I’d start a blog to inspire others to give. But me, a mom….a mom that only knows how to use Facebook. How was I going to start a blog? I decided just to jump right in, and started one on a blogspot. Thank the Lord I have gotten a tad better and thanks to Harrison Whittaker for designing this blog for me! I was trying to come up with a catchy name. I wanted something simple and about giving. I put two and two together and decided to call it SIMPLY GIVE.

I thought I would start blogging about random acts of kindness, and then I realized that EVERYTHING we do in life comes down to giving. We give to God, our spouse, our kids, our family and friends….even random strangers. Simply Give in a nut shell is just about giving generously in every area of your life. To everyone in your life. On this blog, and my social media pages, if you are looking for perfection, you won’t find it. If you are looking for inspiration, hopefully you will. At the end of the day, I am a busy wife and mom of four that is on a mission to inspire others to give. My pictures are not always picture perfect, my post might have a typo…mainly because I may have a kid on my hip and be in the middle of getting the kids lunch. My vlogs are literally in my basement, the only place I can “hide out”.

My hubby, Shawn, is a sweetheart. He is one of the most selfless men I know. He doesn’t just tell me he loves me, he shows me on a daily basis. Im not saying that for show….you can ask anyone who knows him. He is a gem. My oldest son Hunter {age 6} has kept me on my toes since he was born. He is full of energy. He likes to say things that embarrass me. He is a stinker but has the cutest dimples in the world that melt my heart. Carter {age 4} has the sweetest spirit about him. He likes to obey the rules, but sometimes likes to  be sneaky about things. He is always asking me questions about God and is a spiritual little boy. He has a heart of gold. Capri {age 2} is as spunky as they come. She is the perfect balance between being girly and a tomboy. She will not keep bows in her hair, which bums me out because I am a girly girl. She is so sweet and little Miss Personality. Last but not least, is my little Cruz {11 months} . He is so laid back and is obsessed with his Dad, Papa and Mickey Mouse. He is the worst sleeper…EVER! But such a little lover boy!

Now…You can say you have officially met the Hershey’s.

Here is a small glimpse of us….. Thankful for a very patient photographer!

Thank you for your love and support on this crazy journey of motherhood and Simply Give! 

You can find us on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Pictures by Hollie Marie Photography

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving guys! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating all the things we have to be thankful for!

“Let’s not only give thanks, but give others a reason to be thankful.”

One of my favorite Thanksgiving quotes!

Quick vlog on a what happened to me last Thanksgiving! And this video is reality at it’s finest….. you know me, vlogging away in my dark basement. Motherhood never escapes me, even when I’m trying to do a quick video. Watch and see!

Have a blessed day!

Be you, Bravely.

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I’ve been trying to be BRAVE.  This message is so for myself. Sometimes we need reminded to “Be you, Bravely.” And you guys, can we just talk about how my face looks like I rolled in a bag of cheesy Doritos in the still shot on my YouTube video? Not quite sure how to change that. Lol. Probably something I should look into figuring out! Until next time, Be you, Bravely!