JoJo visits with The Sparkle Box

We started two fun traditions last year around the Holidays! I couldn’t resist buying Elf on the Shelf for my kids!! Last year I went all out…..every…single…night. Isn’t it crazy how much energy goes in to that little elf arriving? Ahhhh!! I will have to say that this year I am slacking. Like…majorly.

We also started a tradition with something special my Mom bought the kids! It’s called The Sparkle Box. It is an amazing book all about the true meaning of Christmas {Jesus} and teaches ours kids about giving to others. It is right up the alley of the Little GIvers Club. We were honored that the Author, Jill Hardie, was able to come to our last Little Givers Club meeting and do a book reading! It fit in perfectly with the kid’s mission this month. I encourage you to buy this book! It’s amazing! 

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This year {and last} we brought these two fun traditions together. I had our elf, JoJo, bring the kids The Sparkle Box along with a giving mission to do. Last year JoJo brought them gloves to leave at a bus stop for a random person to find. {This is also the mission handed out to members of the Little Givers  Club for the month of December} This year JoJo left Hunter and Carter each a bag to fill for a family in need that will go to the Ronald McDonald house.

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(1) JoJo leaves the kids a note and gloves to giveaway last year, (2) Delivering Gloves to a local bus stop, (3) JoJo leaving the kids bags to fill for families in need this year

Do you know how many lives our cute kiddos could make an impact on if everyone who owned an Elf on the Shelf encouraged their kids to give in some way?!

Here are a few suggestions:

The Glove Give: Leave a a pair of gloves with a note telling your child to leave them at a bus stop.

Leave change for them to put in a Salvation Army Bucket.

Mail a letter to a soldier over seas. {This is also a Little Givers Club mission for December}

Color a picture for a neighbor.

Clean out their toy room and donate toys

Give a friend a special surprise.

Bake your mailman a treat.

I hope you will join me in teaching your child to give. When we teach them like this, and make it fun, they are likely to want to do it all the time!

Jill Hardie, the Author of The Sparkle Box, gave me a signed book  to give away! All you have to do is post a picture on social media of your Elf on The Shelf leaving your child a note and mission. Please post it on my Facebook Page Simply GIVE or on Instagram tagging @simply_give and using hashtags on both sites #LittleGiversClub and #TheSparkleBox ! A winner will be chosen on Friday! Have fun with this parents!

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Just for a little fun, if you have been following me on Simply Give, you know I’m a busy and kinda CRAZY Mom of four. If you didn’t know the crazy part, now you do! I dressed up like a real life Elf on the Shelf for my kids last year and made it on LIVE with Kelly and Michael! I have to tell you that I was 8 months pregnant with my son Cruz. HA! So this year I dressed up again, with Cruz as a baby Elf! I plan on sending it back in to the show for an update!  It was fun but I’m pretty sure that I will always be known as the Pregnant Elf on the Shelf.

photoelf on the shwlf


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