I am excited to announce the beginning of the Little Givers Club.

As I raise my kids, I see how self centered we have become in everyday life. We have forgotten to teach out children about serving others.I strive each day to teach my kids love and compassion for others . As we raise our future generation of leaders, let’s all instill in our children, the power of a kind word, a smile, a random act of kindness and over all to love on one another.

The Little Givers Club is the start to teaching our children how they can impact someone’s life no matter how “little” they are!
I hope you will join us as we sprinkle kindness all over the place!

The Little Givers Club will host a few events through the year. In addition, if you follow us on social media {Instagram, Facebook,Twitter} I will be posting random “gives” that you can do with your children no matter what state you live in!

Our first Event will be on Monday, November 10th at Pump It Up in Hartville, Ohio. We will be having a food drive to donate to a local food pantry! All food will go to Perry Helping Perry {You can find them on Facebook.} The cost will be $5.00 a child to jump for 1 1/2 hours, in addition they will need to bring 5 canned goods or food items. We will play, then go to a party room where we will have a very small chat about why we are giving ! Pizza and drinks will be offered for an additional $3 per child! Lots more details to come so I will keep you posted.

At each event I would like pass out a goodie bag to all of the kids! I want to show them that giving is FUN!! Although we don’t give to get, I believe that they will always get blessed back! If you are interested in donating for the kid’s goodie bags {or food for the event}, or want to sponsor us in anyway, just scroll down to send us an email or just use the DONATE button below! Thank You all so much for your support!

Don’t forget…It’s nice to be nice!

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